Awards & Publications


  • Professional of the Year (1991). ARC/Georgia.
  • Chairperson of Brook Run (1990-92). Citizens Advisory Council.
  • Who’s Who in the South and Southeast
  • Who’s Who International
  • Who’s Who in The Law
  • Twenty-Year Award as Saturday Volunteer Lawyer for Atlanta Legal Aid Society (1997).
  • Phil Heiner Award from Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers’ Foundation (1997).
  • Lifetime Volunteer Lawyer Award from ACLU of Georgia (2003).
  • Volunteer Lawyer Award from ACLU of Vermont for 2003.
  • Award for CLE Presenter from Young Lawyers Division, State Bar of Georgia, Advocates for Students with Disabilities Committee (2005).
  • U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, presenter at 2014 Interagency Black History Celebration Program


  • Contributor to publication by Wright, Peter W.D., Wright, Pamela D., & Heath, Suzanne, W., No Child Left Behind, Harbour House Law Press, Inc., Hartfield, Virginia (2003).
  • The Beacon, Journal of Special Education Law and Practice. “High Stakes Testing: Educational Barometer for Success, or False Prognosticator for Failure?”  Fall 2004 (V.2 N.3).
  • The Gestalt of the  School-to-Prison Pipleine: The Duality of Overrepresentation of Minorities in Special Education and Racial Disparty in School Discipline on Minorities, 20 Journal of Gender, Social Policy & The Law, No. 1 (2012)
  • The Helter-Skelter World of IDEA Eligibility for Specific Learning Disability: The Clash of Response-to-Intervention and Child Find Requirements, Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law (fall 2012).