3 Keys to Pursuing a Personal Injury Case Involving a Child with Disabilities

3 Keys to Pursuing a Personal Injury Case Involving a Child with Disabilities

When a personal injury occurs, it can be a devastating experience that permanently impacts one’s life. If the injured party is a child, his or her parents may have a number of concerns regarding immediate treatment, long term therapy and care throughout the injured child’s life. These concerns are usually addressed during a personal injury lawsuit, as these issues will likely be presented in court to help determine the appropriate compensation for the injured child. If you have a child that has been injured, it may be important to consult with an experienced attorney who can help guide you through the proper steps needed to present a successful case in court.

  1. Preserve All Evidence

Anyone involved in a personal injury case should take care to preserve all evidence from the accident or anything that may have contributed to the injury. Depending on the case, evidence may include hospital reports, police reports, closed circuit camera evidence, photos and depositions from witnesses. Your attorney can help you collect the necessary evidence to present your case and accurately depict the events that occurred and how the injury was caused. Today, DC personal injury lawyers are likely to advise clients to stay off of social media to help prevent conflicting statements or other adverse effects that might be used against you in court.

  1. Keep Good Records

Any medical records or other documents related to the case should be carefully collected and maintained in an easy-to-access manner. Medical documents may include physicians’ reports, x-rays, laboratory reports and other diagnostic evidence. In addition, treatments provided for the injured child and plans for rehabilitation and physical therapy — currently and in the future — should be thoroughly documented. Your attorney will likely compile most of these reports, but it may be helpful to keep additional copies of the information for your own records.

     3.     Get Expert Testimony

Personal injury cases may be complicated, comprised of significant amounts of detailed information and projections on future costs and medical needs. The testimony of experienced medical professionals is often necessary to present a comprehensive picture of the injury and its likely aftereffects in the future. A medical expert should be able to create an understandable report of the potential problems and solutions that may be required as the injured child grows into adulthood. This can help provide a full picture that may influence the size of the settlement. Generally, any future projections should be backed up with statistical data from authorized agencies. Our attorneys can help provide further guidance regarding the type of information that may be needed.

When a child is accidentally injured, it sets in motion a process of medical and legal consequences that will likely take great deal of time and energy. Anyone who has experienced a personal injury lawsuit will likely tell you it’s a long and difficult experience. Our attorneys have the experience to help your child receive the compensation they deserve.

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